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Save Land, Save Adivasi, Save Nation!

जाहिर निषेध ! 

कोयना (सातारा) धरणग्रस्तांचे पुनर्वसन ३५०किमी दूर वाडा (पालघर) येथील सुपीक जमिनीत आणि सुसरी (पालघर) येथील धरणग्रस्तांचे पुनर्वसन ५३०किमी दूर लातूर च्या भूकंपग्रस्त आणि दुष्काळी जिल्ह्यात, हा कुठला न्याय? 

The tragic situation: Koyna(satara) dam grasthance rehabilitation in Wada (Palghar-350km away) which is fertile and rich area for water supply, needless to say it is great land for farming duties. Whereas Susari (Palghar) dam grasthance rehabilitation in Latur(530 km away) the place which is vulnerable for deadly earthquakes and droughts ! What kind of justice is this ! Throwing far away territory where life is critical than before, is this something they calls proper rehabilitation ?

Save Land, Save Adivasi, Save Nation!

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